srd170 srd215 srd401 srd407
Men carrying grapes Men treading grapes Spade and grapes Grape treaders
srd496 srd498 srd473 srd497
Men treading grapes Men in vat Men in vat Man with hat
srd144 srd357 srd358 srd393
Market Mountain scene Trees at sunset Cross on rock
srd394 srd395 srd402 srd429
Tree and fence Trees on slope Maize Olive grove
srd434 srd435 srd437 srd440
Ladder in hay stack View Hay wagon Douro railway
srd461 srd464 srd476 srd477
Haywagon in the fields Olive trees Farm Scene
srd483 srd489 srd402 srd

Corn field Bales Maize Scene
srd052 srd066 srd157 srd249
Oxon with Wine Cask Bird sketches Oxon with yoke Pigs, cows and people
srd088 srd141 srd400 srd413
Sketches of donkey Woman on donkey Donkey laden Cow
srd414 srd421 srd444 srd450
Pigeons Ox heads Oxen Donkey feeding
srd463 srd474 srd475 srd479
Pigeons Ox on wheel Mill Donkeys
srd406 srd218 srd srd

Man tending ox cart Of men and asses

srd165 srd174 srd185 srd186
Sketches of three boats Boat Bringing in the sardines Boat in harbour
srd187 srd208 srd216 srd493
Harbour Sketches of boats Boats in harbour Boats
srd254 srd359 srd363 srd396
Boat in harbour Sketch of boats in harbour Unloading boats at pier Boat and anchor
srd404 srd422 srd448 srd449
Boats on beach Two boats Figures and boats Seascape
srd462 srd478 srd484 srd485
Rocks "Lavadoras" Two boats Sunset at sea Boats
srd490 srd srd srd


srd337 srd410 srd438 srd

Town of roofs Town from the sea Vianna
srd133 srd134 srd137 srd139
Church architecture Man in church Threshing floor Bridge by building
srd143 srd200 srd210 srd238
Nora with town behind Nora beyond field Well Sketch of a nora
srd245 srd135 srd362 srd386
Tombstone Church architecture Church with portico Stone bridge and building
srd408 srd409 srd425 srd433
Doorway, urn, maize Ghostly steps Church with portico Precinct wall
srd436 srd442 srd446 srd458
Cross Tank Grill over window Threshing yard
srd460 srd488 srd491 srd492
Cross Structures Plaque 1 Plaque 2
srd389 srd399 srd srd

Rough sketch of village street Cabaras

srd146 srd147 srd148 srd149
Man on ass Man loading donkey Sketch of woman hoeing 1 Sketch of woman hoeing 2
srd150 srd151 srd152 srd153
Four sketches Three women hoeing Woman hoeing Sketch of woman hoeing
srd154 srd155 srd156 srd158
Figures threshing 1 Figures threshing 2 Sketch of woman spinning Sketches of men
srd159 srd160 srd161 srd162
Woman walking away Two women hoeing or threshing Figure threshing Two women working
srd163 srd166 srd167 srd168
Three woman working Woman hoeing Woman ploughing Women preparing for market
srd169 srd171 srd172 srd173
Woman hoeing Woman hoeing 1 Woman hoeing 2 Women with hoe
srd175 srd176 srd177 srd178
Two women hoeing Woman Woman hoeing Woman spinning 1
srd179 srd180 srd181 srd182
Woman spinning 2 Woman at spring with ewer 1 Woman at spring with ewer 2 Women spinning
srd183 srd184 srd190 srd191
Woman Woman with ewer at spring 3 Baby and umbrella Three men
srd192 srd193 srd194 srd195
One man Man with musical instrument Two men Man
srd196 srd197 srd198 srd199
Man ploughing Grape carriers resting Grape carriers Grape carrier & woman
srd201 srd202 srd203 srd204
Men loading ox cart 1 Men loading ox cart 2 Man holding ox team Mule train
srd205 srd206 srd207 srd209
Sketches of boys playing chequers Man holding ox cart 2 Woman carrying bundle Woman working
srd211 srd212 srd213 srd214
Woman ploughing Four women hoeing Woman working 1 Woman working 2
srd253 srd237 srd251 srd164
Portrait of man Portrait of female in the making Caddy boys gambling on golf course Woman with spinning wheel
srd347 srd356 srd406 srd411
Woman sitting, woman standing Man with donkey Man tending ox cart Woman sitting
srd415 srd416 srd417 srd418
Sketches of women Woman bending Man with wheel Woman hoeing
srd419 srd420 srd423 srd430
Women hoeing Man and woman Woman hoeing Woman picking
srd445 srd466 srd471 srd472
Boy with hat Man Man Woman
srd495 srd480 srd487 srd494
Guando Boys playing Man, woman and basket Woman hoeing
srd428 srd srd srd

Woman loading ass

srd246 srd397 srd459 srd481
Jug Sunflowers Bowl Work bench
srd482 srd486 srd srd

Still life etc. Bales of corn