srd008 srd027 srd011 srd012
"Bringing in the Grapes" Resting Grape Picker "The Old Press and the New" "Filling the Lagar"
srd004 srd031 srd085 srd330
"Treading the Grape" Treading Grapes Three men filling a lagar Man Carrying Grape Basket
srd383 srd367 srd375 srd

Boy sitting by lagar Douro wine harvest Ox carts on a country road
srd023 srd007 srd053 srd009
Threshing Yard "Threshing Wheat" Farm Buildings "While Mother is at Work"
srd005 srd006 srd084 srd049
"Weaving" "Spinning" Ploughing the Minho Haystacks
srd086 srd087 srd098 srd036
Woman gathering firewood "Threshing Corn in the Minho" Two figures walking on road Old field gate
srd125 srd131 srd077 srd136
Lavadores gate Harvesting the corn Cork Tree Church in olive grove
srd138 srd140 srd224 srd235
Olive tree high above the river Struggling up the hill Two olive trees Olive trees on slope
srd239 srd240 srd252 srd272
Flowers bordering path Road to somewhere Wisteria around fountain Wisteria
srd039 srd042 srd127 srd037
Lavender path Water Lane, Lavadores Water lane at Lavadores Path at Lavadores
srd034 srd035 srd274 srd041
Olive grove Pines at sunset "Road to Sabieza, Douro" Pines above the Douro
srd018 srd231 srd300 srd305
"Douro Vinyard" Country road Pathway to the beach, Lavadores Stone pillar
srd306 srd307 srd310 srd311
Mountain track Track with parapet Orange orchard in the Minho The New Road
srd313 srd314 srd318 srd323
Traveller on mountain road Mountain river Ancient olive tree River, town & rail bridge
srd324 srd364 srd374 srd097
Ox cart and gate Gate in hedge Avenue Lane at Eira Velha
srd384 srd468 srd502 srd503
Stream through sand dunes "Lavadoras 1914" "Pines" "Pine"
srd504 srd514 srd515 srd516
Gateway Man walking through olive grove Buildings and pines River and hills
srd517 srd518 srd523 srd522
Pines Sunrise or is it sunset? Tree and crop After a long day
srd520 srd529 srd533 srd540
The Broad Highway Mountain scene Path towards sea? Pinewood and ploughland
srd536 srd537 srd541 srd542
Harvest time Passing the olive tree Ploughing with oxen Track to the hills
srd543 srd544 srd545 srd

Country scene Villanea 1 Villanea 2
srd020 srd219 srd046 srd062
"A Douro Ox Yoke" Boy on mule Two Oxen Oxen Pulling Cart
srd243 srd050 srd070 srd099
Oxen Two Pack Horses Donkey fully harnessed Man on donkey
srd110 srd112 srd256 srd257
Head of an ox Oxen waiting Laden mule 1 Laden mule 2
srd260 srd276 srd122 srd280
Ox cart Donkey waiting to go Oxen with cart Yoked oxen
srd285 srd333 srd348 srd366
Man on bridge with oxen Ox cart waiting in road Ass harnessed and waiting Oxen guided along road
srd470 srd380 srd391 srd412
Donkey collage Ox cart waiting in courtyard Harnessed ass Peacocks
srd500 srd510 srd535 srd

Waiting for Master Two horses waiting Overladen donkey
srd025 srd016 srd017 srd129
Sardine Boats at Espinho "A Sardine Boat" "Espinho Beach: Hauling in the Nets" "Douro boat carrying casks of wine"
srd021 srd015 srd045 srd056
"Douro Wine Boats" "On the Douro" A Wave Wave over Rocks, Lavadores
srd059 srd058 srd060 srd067
Two Boat Scenes "Lavadores" "Douro Boat, Cashes of Wine" Sardine Boats
srd130 srd189 srd236 srd263
Oporto boats Gun rock, Lavadores Beach at Lavadores Loading boat with port
srd270 srd266 srd268 srd269
Sailing boats Sardine boats Fishing boat Boats in ravine
srd001 srd107 srd232 srd116
"The Lower Reach" Moored boat on Douro On the banks of the Douro Railway bridge across the Douro
srd040 srd024 srd019 srd038
"The opposite bank" Vineyards along the Douro "The Upper Reach" Banks of the Douro
srd283 srd286 srd287 srd288
Wine boat on the upper Douro" Cargo boats at Oporto Gun rock, Lavadores Beach at Lavadores
srd295 srd302 srd316 srd319
Boats on the Douro Moored boats River amongst the fields Douro
srd320 srd297 srd331 srd326
Boats moored by settlement Men working on a sardine boat Affife at sunset Quay at Vila Nova da Gaia
srd329 srd328 srd354 srd361
Douro Wine Carrying Boats Sardine Boats Fishermen launching sardine boat "Gathering Seaweed"
srd377 srd387 srd388 srd465
Stationary boats Beached boats "Oporto" ships in harbour Boats, beach and cart
srd507 srd511 srd525 srd526
Ship near Oporto Fishing boats by quay Tranquil waters View from Eira Velha, Pinhao, on the Douro
srd534 srd539 srd srd

Meandering river Gathering on beach

srd013 srd014 srd292 srd293
"Quayside: Oporto" "Oporto from the Douro" Moored craft on Oporto quayside 1 Moored craft on Oporto quayside 2
srd546 srd309 srd092 srd115
Oporto from the Harbour Oporto from Vila Nove de Gaia Gateway in a Town Street scene
srd220 srd264 srd076 srd003
Church and plaza Church at Villa do Farsos Corvas Caminha at night "Cintra"
srd353 srd371 srd376 srd382
Street scene Plaza in town Street in Affife Gate tower in town
srd424 srd432 srd469 srd524
Town scene Vianna Church tower Vila Flor
srd519 srd282 srd srd

The Village Church at Aljubarreta

srd026 srd029 srd002 srd065
Waiting Pack Horse Steps Ascending "Cloisters" In the Monastery
srd028 srd022 srd032 srd044
Fountain at S. Fransisco Convent, Viana Roadside Shrine at Lavadores Nora at Rest Nora at Lavadores
srd048 srd051 srd054 srd030
S. Romans at Citanna Wisteria Village Cross Washing Clothes
srd073 srd078 srd079 srd090
Affife, Christ on the cross Building at Affife Sacred spring Rolling in the Barrel
srd064 srd057 srd061 srd063
Countryside Cross Village Windmill Courtyard
srd055 srd033 srd072 srd074
Gate and Farmhouse at Affife Stone Footbridge Stone Bridge at Affife Couple on Bridge
srd071 srd075 srd100 srd113
Barn Quay on the Tagus House by Landing Stage "Bon Jesus"The 'Roope' Estate
srd121 srd123 srd124 srd128
Wall Water tank at Lavadores Wisteria growing against 'Rawes' house in Campinhas Cross
srd142 srd223 srd230 srd241
Building alongside threshing floor Shrine in wall Spring head Cross on rustic column
srd247 srd248 srd250 srd225
House in olive grove Entrance to shrine Pavilion Spring
srd259 srd261 srd262 srd273
Threshing yard Sculpture Roadside cross Stone circle
srd275 srd277 srd315 srd290
Windmill Man standing by well Niche Rural scene at Affife
srd291 srd294 srd296 srd298
Cross overlooking the sea Cabanas Monastery, Affife Threshing floor at S. Dominique Stone bridge at Affife
srd299 srd303 srd304 srd308
Roadside cross at Affife Fountain in courtyard Nora by sea Wisteria
srd312 srd317 srd321 srd322
Cross at Affife Church tower & vane Church with portico S. Fransiscus, Vianna
srd327 srd325 srd351 srd365
View from da Era Velha, Douro Nora waiting for mule Stone staircase Cross
srd372 srd373 srd378 srd379
Flowering bush near window "Waterwheel, Lavadoras" Stone bridge at Affife Windmill
srd390 srd392 srd398 srd399
"The Pompal, Eira Velha" Filling the jug Large tree by house Cabaras
srd405 srd426 srd427 srd439
Wall Town gate Cross Affife cross
srd441 srd467 srd521 srd530
Wisteria Bridge at Affife Bridge and building Sacred spring 2
srd531 srd532 srd548 srd301
Church thro' arch Nora at Lavadores 2 Over the roof Church and cross at Affife
srd043 srd047 srd068 srd069
Protection Against the Rain Girl Sitting on Ground Man Selling Neckerchiefs Boy throwing Dice
srd010 srd094 srd095 srd089
On the Sand Dunes Woman holding pot Woman on steps Women Washing Clothes
srd091 srd096 srd103 srd104
Country Girl of Minho Woman with a spindle Woman doing needlework by fire Woman tending birdcage
srd102 srd105 srd106 srd108
Child pleading to mother Woman commencing her wash Woman sitting in doorway Woman by fountain
srd109 srd111 srd132 srd093
Woman pouling water "Douro girl" Woman tending oxen Kate Dagg
Susanna's sister
srd217 srd229 srd233 srd234
Woman spinning The Over Hat Women sitting working Portrait of a woman
srd265 srd267 srd271 srd279
Portrait of woman Boy playing Woman in palm-leaf cloak Woman carrying basket & sickle
srd281 srd284 srd289 srd547
Cooking in the Minho Woman ploughing with oxen Boy sitting on quay at Oporto Cooling his feet
srd334 srd335 srd336 srd338
Girl filling ewer at spring Old man in palm-leaf cloak Woman filling ewer at spring "Portuguese Peasant"
srd339 srd340 srd341 srd344
"A Rainy Day" "The last hole, Espinho" "Boys at Play on Beach" Tending the bird cage
srd445 srd442 srd346 srd349
"Throwing Tops" "Playing with Fire"
Man tending ox Portrait of woman facing
srd350 srd352 srd360 srd370
Portrait of woman facing away Small portrait of woman Woman sweeping yard Elderly man sitting by fire
srd385 srd428 srd443 srd447
Woman holding net Woman loading ass Woman Boy on Oporto wharf
srd451 srd452 srd453 srd454
Etching 1 Etching 2 Etching collage Selling Fruit in the Streets
srd555 srd556 srd557 srd345
Mule outside house "Sketches of Lisbon" "Belau Castle (Lisbon)" "A Copper for St. Anthony"
srd403 srd528 srd505 srd506
Woman dancing/man dancing Woman and child on steps Woman with water can Man ploughing
srd508 srd509 srd512 srd513
Woman tending oxen Woman pouring water Woman sewing in room Woman sewing in room

srd083 srd082 srd080 srd081
Agrippina at Rome Sunrise Lyons "Der Lauerzer see mit dem Mythen"
srd118 srd126 srd117 srd221
"The Golden Bough" Ponti di Rialto, Venice Portrait of a young woman Mary with baby Jesus
srd222 srd226 srd227 srd228
Mary & Joseph receiving visitors Rocky scene 1 Rocky scene 2 Lake scene
srd278 srd381 srd499 srd

"Ulysses deriding Polyphemus" "Heads of Angels" "Lady of Fashion"
srd242 srd101 srd188 srd255
Alguedar Yellow Basin Potted plants by window A bunch of grapes Plant sketches
srd145 srd332 srd355 srd

Ox bells Water melon? Melons on wall
srd258 srd120 srd114 srd368
Mont Blanc, Switzerland 1875. Portrait of Susanna's son Roderick Dockery? A street scene in Rouen, France
Where Susanna's daughter Susanna May, went to school.
Cottage with open window
srd369 srd527 srd srd

Cottage with open door Gatton Woods, Surrey