A copy of the catalogue is to be found in the National Art Library in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
Water-Colour Drawings of North Portugal
by Mrs S. Roope Dockery
Exhibited at
Robt. Dunthorne's The Rembrandt Head Gallery
5 Vigo Street London W


Number Title Price
1 The Cottage Door. 5.5s
2 The Oil Vendor, Villa Nova. 5.5s
3 Roeda - 1895. 7.7s
4 Stringing Onions. 5.5s
5 Daily Task. 6.6s
6 While Mother's at Work in the Fields. 12.12s
7 Wine Boats on the Douro. 7.7s
8 A Wreck, Caminha. 5.5s
9 A Rainy Day. 5.5s
10 Into the Heart of the Douro. 6.6s
11 Roeda. 6.6s
12 Double Duty, Minho Province. 4.4s
13 Lazily Drowsily. 5.5s
14 Feeding Time. 5.5s
15 The Brass Lamp. 7.7s
16 Evening on the Douro. 6.6s
17 Chancelleiros. 6.6s
18 Maize Field. 5.5s
19 Grape Carriers, Alto Douro. 6.6s
20 Filling the Lagar. 6.6s
21 Gathering Grapes. 6.6s
22 Removing the Stalks. 6.6s
23 Regoa. 6.6s
24 Treading the Grape. 29.8s
25 The Wine Press. 6.6s
26 Filling the Tonels. 6.6s
27 The Old Press. 6.6s
28 The Kitchen of an old Convent, Vianna. 10.10s
29 Waiting for Orders. 3.3s
30 Winding Shuttles, Minho Province. 5.5s
31 Cachucha. 4.4s
32 A Copper for Saint Anthony. 18.18s
33 Sardine Boats, Espinho. 6.6s
34 Spinning. 5.5s
35 Mind over Matter. 6.6s
36 A Conto (a million reis) on the Card. 15.15s
37 Maria. 6.6s
38 An Interior. 6.6s
39 A "Nora" - used for irrigation. 4.4s
40 A Woman of Oporto. 4.4s
41 A Goldern Harvest. 21
42 Douro Boat - Evening. 5.5s
43 The Old Belfry at Affife. 5.5s
44 The Windmill. 5.5s
45 A Yoke of Douro Bullocks. 3.3s
46 A Douro Bullock Cart. 5.5s
47 Her Frugal Meal. 6.6s
48 All Saints Day. 5.5s
49 A Festa Day. 3.3s
50 Wine Boats - Misty Morning. 6.6s
51 Spring. 12.12s
52 Nevogilde, near Oporto. 7.7s
53 Spinning Yarns. 7.7s
54 The Frontier Fort of Caminha. 6.6s
55 Weaving, Minho Provence. 7.7s
56 Harvest Time. 6.6s
57 The Muzzled Oxen. 15.15s
58 The Last Hole, Espinho. 15.15s
59 Antonia. 2.2s
60 Spinning Tops. 21
61 Rita. 2.2s
62 Hoeing the Young Maize. 21
63 "Ora pro Anima". 6.6s
64 Idling. 5.5s
65 "Good Wine needs no Bush". 7.7s
66 Sardine Fishers, Preparing for Market. 26.5s
67 Douro Vineyards. 7.7s
68 "We Three". 7.7s
69 Wine Boats, Barqueiros. 7.7s
70 "For the Glory of our Lady". 7.7s
71 Preparing for Dinner - Oporto. 5.5s
72 At the Fountain. This has been identified as either srd334 or 336. 7.7s
73 Fisherboy. 2.2s
74 Peasant Girl, Oporto. 2.2s
75 Cinderella's Coachhouse. 6.6s
76 Threshing the Corn. 15.15s