From studying her paintings, it is clear that Susanna was a very fine water-colour artist. It is difficult to gain an impression of the development of style throughout her life as, apart from two, of her paintings are not dated. The first dated painting is that of srd258 of Mount Blanc in Switzerland which bears the date 1875; the picture show a fully developed style, the style also resembles her paintings srd226, srd227, srd228. The next window is when some of the paintings appeared in her exhibitions in London from 1894 to 1909. The second dated painting is srd468 titled Lavadoras.

Her use of colour

Her use of light

Her use of sky give an impression of haze and distance.

Her painting of figures which give a sense of movement.

The exactness of detail of some of her paintings.

Susanna painted for most of her life and it appears that the selling of her paintings helped to earn her a living

Not known how or where she learned to paint but had some lessons from "the clever young artist Mr Claude Hayes, R.I., son of Mr Edwin Hayes, the marine painter, and member of the Royal Hibernian Academy".

A major influrence on her painting was Joseph Mallard William Turner, 1775-1851. Not only did she painting some very fine copies of his work such as "Agrippina bring back to Rome the ashes of her husband Germanicus" and "The Golden Bough", but some of her otherwise normal paintings show clear signs of impressionisn, such as srd038 "Banks of the Douro".

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