From Susanna Roope Dockery's scrapbook, is it clear that she held exhibitions over a number of years. The first mention of one is of an exhibition held in Portugal in 1894. The next on record is at Mr. Dunthorne's Gallery in Vigo Street, London. The last on record is at the Clifford Galleries, 21 Haymarket, London in 1909. Through the many reviews of her paintings one can draw a worthwhile insight into what the critics of the time thought of her painting. Several reviews mention the number of paintings that Susanna exhibited, The Globe & Wine & Spirit states 76 at the Rembrandt Gallery and the M. Western Express, Glasgow Herald & Nottingham Guardian mentions that she had 64 at the Grave's gallery. This shows no mean effort, both of ability and of organisation. Presumably Susanna's exhibition at the Clifford Galleries in 1909, was timed to either take advantage of, or to promote the selling of, Koebel's book, 'Portugal, its Land and People, which published in the same year.