by W H Koebel with illustrations by Mrs S. Roope Dockery.
Published by Archibald Constable & Co. Ltd. 1909.
W.H.Koebel's book contains 21 illustrations by Mrs S. Roope Dockery, colour copies of some of her paintings. It is not known how her paintings came to be used as illustrations. In addition there are some 59 black and white photographs.

It is not a guide book, giving a detailed of the history, topography, architecture etc. of the whole country; nor is it travel writing in the modem sense, recounting the author's adventures against the backcloth of the country visited. Its aim is to give a general introduction, to readers unfamiliar with the country, to Portugal, some of its cities and countryside, people and customs, history and architecture, and it focusses on a few specific aspects and the author's impressions of each place visited.

As Koebel states in his Introduction:
"Territorially small as Portugal is, this volume, nevertheless, does not claim for an instant that its contents are in any way comprehensive of the country's claims to general interest. Nothing here has been aimed at beyond a sketch of some of the more salient features of the land that is so rich in southern churn, and a description of some of its neighbourhoods that have as yet met with an unduly small share of attention".

The book has 28 chapters, beginning with five on Lisbon and its surroundings, then covering the southern province of Alentejo - for present day readers it is interesting to note that there is nothing on the Algarve - continuing with the North, particularly the Minho and Oporto; finally two chapters on the Portuguese at Home.

There is no indication that Koebel had lived in Portugal or was very familiar with it; but he obviously travelled fairly widely and talked to local people, including various representatives of the English community in Portugal (credited in the Preface), including Herbert Rawes and Stanley Rawes in Lisbon, Cabel. Roope and Frank Yeatman in Oporto.

The author's other works include similar travel books on Madeira and Argentina, and three works of fiction, two of them set in New Zealand.

Jonathan Rawes 18 November 2003

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"The Lower Reach" "Cloisters" "Cintra" "Treading the Grape"
srd005 srd006 srd007 srd008
"Weaving" "Spinning" "Threashing Wheat" "Bringing in the Grapes"
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"While Mother is at Work" "On the Sand Dunes" "The Old Press and the New" "Filling the Logar"
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"Quayside: Oporto" "Oporto from the Douro" "On the Douro" "A Sarding Boat"
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"Espinho Beach: Hauling in the Nets" "Douro Vinyard" "The Upper Reach" "A Douro Ox Yoke"

"Douro Wine Boat"